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Date Added: 17-05-2011 - Last Edited: 05-06-2013


Key Stage Three

Geography at Key Stage Three aims to develop pupil knowledge and understanding of a wide range of people, places and environments and their understanding of the changing nature of geographical patterns and processes over time and place. Pupils will be taught a range of skills and techniques to enable them to use information to undertake geographical enquiry and to develop a reliable perception of distance and location, over a widening range of scales.

At Key Stage Three, pupils will be taught nine topics over three years. Each topic will be assessed via an end of topic test (percentage awarded) and a levelled assessment homework.

Key Stage 3 Level Descriptions

Year 7

  • Understanding My World (Map skills)
  • Rocky Rivers (Rivers, Landforms and Flooding)
  • Escape to the Sun (Tourism)

Year 8

  • Wonderful Weather (Weather, Climate and Climatic Hazards)
  • Going Walkabout (Population and Migration)
  • Rich World Poor World (The Physical and Human Geography of Japan and Kenya)

Year 9

  • My Diverse World (Ecosystems Rainforests and Deserts)
  • My Hazardous World (Tectonic Hazards Volcanoes, Earthquakes and Tsunamis)
  • My Global World (Globalisation)


Geography is a very popular subject at GCSE level and pupil numbers are steadily increasing.

The department delivers the WJEC Specification A Geography Syllabus. This is a two-paper examination and two tiers of entry are offered.

  • Foundation Tier offers grades G to C
  • Higher Tier offers grades D A*

Paper One

Paper One is sat by all pupils at the end of Year 10 (with the potential for a re-sit in Year 11). The examination is worth 40% of the overall GCSE grade. Six topics are covered.

  • Rivers,  River Flooding and Flood Management
  • Climate Change and its Management
  • Tectonic Hazards and their Management
  • Global Population Change
  • Globalisation and Trade
  • Global Development

Paper Two

Paper Two is sat by all pupils at the end of Year 11. The examination is worth 35% of the overall GCSE grade. Pupils study three topics from a choice of six.

  • Coasts, Coastal Flooding and Coastal Management
  • Ecosystems and their Management
  • Weather and Climate
  • Tourism
  • Urban and Retail Change
  • Industrial Change and Wales

Controlled Assessment

In order to complete the GCSE course, pupils must complete two pieces of controlled assessment. This is worth 25% of the overall GCSE grade.

  • Assessment 1: Pupils attend a fieldtrip where they collect primary data and then then write up their investigation in class as a piece of fieldwork. This is worth 10% of the overall GCSE grade.
  • Assessment 2: Pupils complete a decision making exercise where they research and write up their findings to a problem. This is completed in class and is worth 15% of the overall GCSE grade.

AS and A Level

Geography is a very popular subject at AS and A Level and pupil numbers are steadily increasing.

The department delivers the WJEC AS and A Level Geography Syllabus. This is a four module examination completed over two years.

AS Level

Pupils sit two modules during Year 12. Each module is worth 25% of the A Level course or 50% of the AS Level course.

  • G1: Climate Change; Tectonic Change; Hydrological Change
  • G2: Demographic Change; Settlement Change

G1 is sat in May of Year 12 whilst G2 is sat in January of Year 12.

A Level

Pupils sit two modules during Year 13. G3 is worth 30% of the overall A Level and G4 is worth 20% of the overall A Level.

  • G3: Glacial Environments; Development;
  • G4: Sustainability (Food, Water, Energy and Cities)

As part of the G3 module pupils have to complete an individual investigation based on a theme issued by the WJEC. Work on the investigation commences after the May AS examination series in Year 12, in preparation for the January examinations of Year 13. As part of the examination, pupils will questioned on particular aspects of their research assignment.

To help prepare pupils for their examinations at GCSE, AS Level and A Level, course booklets are provided to all pupils. Also, all past papers and mark schemes are made available to pupils via the school's VLE along with lesson resources.

If you have any queries or questions, please feel free to contact the department:

  • Mrs Rebecca Carpenter (Head of Geography Department)
  • Mrs Donna Morgan (Geography and PE Teacher)
  • Mr Mark Humphries (Daearyddiaeth and Business Studies Teacher)

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