Caban Sgriblio – Brecon Library

//Caban Sgriblio – Brecon Library

Caban Sgriblio – Brecon Library

PEAK an arts charity based in Crickhowell who provide creative opportunities from young people. My colleague, Rachel Dunlop, contacted you recently regarding our creative writing project Caban Sgriblio, which is being held at Brecon Library.

We had our first workshop this afternoon with some amazing young writers from Brecon High.  was so impressed by the young people today and wanted to ask if you might be able to let others know about this opportunity.

The workshops seek to improve communication, confidence and encourage young people to develop a unique voice in a supportive and relaxed environment. The culmination of the project will include having work published in an anthology as well as the chance to have their words incorporated in digital art content which will be displayed in y Gaer, Brecon’s new cultural hub when it opens at the end of 2018.

It would be lovely if you could bring Caban Sgriblio to the attention of anyone who you thought might enjoy this experience.

The workshops run from 3:30/3:45* – 4:45 on Thursdays, upstairs in the library.

*this is a flexible start time to allow time to travel from school.

This is a brilliant poem one of the students wrote in today’s workshop:


The city at night is a tired dragon

The light from his fire is seen from afar

He is all knowing

one of his sleepy eyes ajar

Knowing all that has gone and is going.

He has been there for a thousand years

and will be there a thousand years more

Always, hearing with his giant ears

as he lets out a snore.

Thank you so much for your time. If you would like to know anything else, or people would like to join, they can contact me:

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