Objectives of the Department:

  • To provide the knowledge, skills and understanding needed by all pupils for adult life and school life.
  • To foster language development, emotional and imaginative of all pupils.
  • Promote the interests of the pupils through a department knowledgeable, efficient and successful.

The Curriculum

In each Key Stage, we aim to offer varied and interesting program of study for pupils with texts, tasks and activities that are carefully selected, and will be extended, challenged and stimulated, and enable them to become reflective independent learners.

Key Stage 3

In this key stage, pupils have access to a wide range of novels, poetry and drama texts, which cater for all interests and abilities. The skills of speaking, reading and writing are developed through a variety of dynamic and challenging activities. Work Plans are adjusted and updated regularly to ensure that they are fresh and relevant to permanent changes in the field of education.

Key Stage 4: GCSE

All students sit GCSE English Language and most also study English Literature. A variety of texts are studied. Full details of the GCSE courses studied can be found on the WJEC website: www.wjec.co.uk

Key Stage 5: GCE

English Literature is offered at AS and A level. The course promotes wider reading and independent study and is excellent preparation for Higher Education.

Full details of the AS and A Level courses are available on the WJEC website