Key Stage 3

Geography at Key Stage Three aims to develop pupil knowledge and understanding of a wide range of people, places and environments and their understanding of the changing nature of geographical patterns and processes over time and place. Pupils are taught a range of skills and techniques to enable them to use information to undertake geographical enquiry and to develop a reliable perception of distance and location, over a widening range of scales.

At Key Stage Three, pupils are taught nine topics over three years. Each topic is assessed via an end of topic test (percentage awarded) and a levelled assessment homework.

Year 7

  • Understanding My World (Map skills)
  • Rocky Rivers (Rivers, Landforms and Flooding)
  • Escape to the Sun (Tourism)

Year 8

  • Wonderful Weather (Weather, Climate and Climatic Hazards)
  • Going Walkabout (Population and Migration)
  • Rich World Poor World (The Physical and Human Geography of Japan and Kenya)

Year 9

  • My Diverse World (Ecosystems – Rainforests and Deserts)
  • My Hazardous World (Tectonic Hazards – Volcanoes, Earthquakes and Tsunamis)
  • My Global World (Globalisation)

Key Stage 4: GCSE

Students study the WJEC Specification A Geography Syllabus. This is a two-paper examination and two tiers of entry are offered:

  • Foundation Tier – offers grades G to C
  • Higher Tier – offers grades D – A*

Paper One

Paper One is sat by all pupils at the end of Year 10 (with the potential for a re-sit in Year 11). The examination is worth 40% of the overall GCSE grade and six topics are covered:

  • Rivers – Flooding and Flood Management
  • Climate Change and its Management
  • Tectonic Hazards and their Management
  • Global Population Change
    • Globalisation and Trade
    • Global Development

Paper Two

Paper Two is sat by all pupils at the end of Year 11. The examination is worth 35% of the overall GCSE grade and pupils study three topics from a choice of six.

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