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Instrument of Government

Instrument of Government 2018

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In accordance with the Instrument of Government, the Governing Body at Brecon High School is made up of 20 Governors, including the Headteacher, 5 Local Authority (LA) Governors, 6 Parent Governors, 1 Staff Governor, 2 Teacher Governors and 5 Community Governors: as shown below:

Name of Governor Type of Governor Expiry of Term of Office
Mr. R. Jenkins Headteacher N/A
Mrs. A. Daniel Community May 2022
Ms. E. M. Davies LA December 2022
Mrs. S. Davies Parent November 2021
Mr. T. Davies LA December 2022
Ms. R. Evans Parent October 2023
Mr. G. Gillard Teacher October 2023
Mr. N. James Parent October 2023
Miss W. Jackson Pupil
Mr. R. Lewis LA September 2021
Mr. L. Martin Parent December 2021
Cllr. D. Meredith (Chair of Governors) LA December 2020
Mr. Z. Morgan Pupil
Ms. A. Phillips (Vice Chair) Community August 2019
Mr. C. Pierce Parent November 2021
Mr. R. Ridge Community July 2021
Cllr. E. Roderick LA November 2021
Mr. P. O. J. Rowlands Community July 2020
Mrs. A. Stephens Parent December 2021
Mr. G. Taylor Additional LA
Mr. E. Trailor Community July 2021
1 Vacancy for a Staff Governor & a Teacher Governor

General Information

The main work of the Governing Body is carried out through Full Governors and its two Sub Committees: (i) Finance & Premises and (ii) Standards and Accountability, who meet at least once every half term equivalent to eighteen times a year.

Elections are held by the school to fill vacancies for Parent Governors upon the cessation of the term of office or receipt of resignation. Parents are notified of elections and are invited to nominate themselves or others on the supplied form. Elections are also held by the school among non-teaching staff for a Staff Governor and among teaching staff for their Teacher Governors. LA Governors are nominated by the LA and the Community Governors nominated by the Governing Body.

Any queries in relation to the Governing Body can be sent to the Clerk to Governors (Mrs. B. Groves) via e-mail: or the main school number: 01874 622361.