Department Aims

Pupil learning within the school is enhanced through the use of ICT and extended through the use of ICT without assistance away from school.

Opportunities exist for pupils to build upon knowledge through VLE’s and emerging technologies.

Assessment is clear and efficient through the use of ICT, tools and facilities available will be fully exploited to allow the teacher to reflect upon students understanding, and pupils to evaluate learning.

Through the use of ICT learning opportunities exist not only for the pupils but all members of the local community. Provisions allow for the quality use of ICT for all.

The development, evaluation and investment into ICT resources will be continuous and will allow for the effective use of ICT throughout the school.

Key Stage 3

Within Key Stage 3 pupils are timetabled one lesson a week and are taught the fundamental ICT skills along with more advanced skills needed for pupils to emerge into a world of ICT

Key Stage 4: GCSE

All Key Stage 4 pupils undertake a GCSE in ICT where they gain the opportunity to enhance prior knowledge and develop new and exciting skills for use in their future lives.


All pupils’ learning is enhanced through the use of the VLE (or Virtual Learning Environment) which pupils can access from home, allowing them to continue learning whenever they wish.