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Pre-Admission – For parents who have an existing Parent Pay account)

We have had a number of enquiries from pre-admission parents who are trying to register in ParentPay, but are unable to set up their account as they already have one for their child/children at another school. They don’t need to set up another account. Here are the instructions to provide to anyone who enquires about this issue:

How to merge accounts for parents who have an existing login account in ParentPay from another school and would like to manage payments for their child/children at Riddlesdown in the same account / email:

  • Log into Parent Pay as normal, with their existing account
  • Once logged in, om the left hand side select “Veiw Edit Profile;”
  • Click add child to your account;
  • In the activation Code 1/Username box, type the username provided by us;
  • In the activation Code 2/Password box, type the password provided by us;
  • Click search, select the child and click confirm.

Payers will now be able to see the relevant child/children in their normal ParentPay account alongside their existing list. They do not need to set up a second account in ParentPay with a different email address.

For any queries regarding ParentPay please sign post to: