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The school has recently had installed new security fencing and gates. This has been done to assist the safeguarding of pupils and staff during school hours and to secure the school site outside of these hours. The school has been working with the Local Authority to improve the site security and the following arrangements have now been agreed.

For your information, the gates to the main car park at the rear of the school, will now be locked between 9.15am and 3.15pm during the school day and then relocked at 4.15pm.

These times will also apply to the pedestrian access gate leading to Cerrigcochion Lane, which will be opened at 8.00am.

The gate which is near to Nythfa House will now be locked permanently.

During school holiday periods all access gates to the school will be locked.

Clearly, when events are being held in school these times will be altered to suit the circumstances of the event.

Whilst these new arrangements will mean a change for some users of the school site, I am sure you will agree that the safety and security of pupils and staff are of paramount importance.

Thank You