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School Uniform

Students are ambassadors of the school and are expected to dress and behave in a way that reflects the standards we seek to achieve. The uniform should be smart with all items clearly marked. If students are unable to wear the uniform for any reason the school must be notified in writing by the parents.

Bag A strong rucksack or holdall
Jewellery 1 wristwatch. 1 plain ear stud in each ear. 1 dress ring

The school cannot accept responsibility for jewellery worn to school

Hair This must be one natural colour and of an acceptable style/length.  No beards or moustaches.


Autumn/Spring terms

Sweater Plain black, knitted, V-neck
Blouse/Shirt Plain white with collar suitable to be worn with a tie and a length that can be tucked in
Skirt/Trousers Plain black, pleated, knee length or plain black trousers (no jeans, canvas or leggings)
Tie Y7-10 clip on ties.  Y11 may use standard tie until it needs to be replaced.
Footwear Entirely black sensible shoes, leather or thick canvas, with no heel (not boots or trainers)
Outer Coats Sensible, plain black.  These should be removed before entering classrooms and when walking in corridors.

Summer term

Polo shirt Must have school logo.  Colour specific to year group.

P.E. Kit

Girls Boys
White polo shirt with logo Rugby Top
Black Shorts Black Shorts
Black Skort White Polo with logo
Black Joggers White Shorts
Green Hoodie with Logo Green Hoodie with Logo
Hoop Socks Green/Yellow/Black Rugby Socks hoop
Games top green/gold Black Joggers
Trainers Trainers
White Socks

(bold – compulsory items)

Click Here for Uniform Poster


In the event of any disagreement regarding uniform, the Head and Deputy are the final arbiters.

Mobile phones and headphones

Whilst mobile phones are permitted in school, they should only be used or seen before 8.45am at break time, at lunchtime and after school. No headphones should been seen or used during the school day. The exception to this is if either a mobile phone of headphones are a legitimate part of the lesson and permission is given by the class teacher. The school does not take any responsibility for valuables brought into school.