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Welsh – Second Language

Why study Welsh?

Well, why not? Research shows there are many advantages in the field of education, the world of work and everyday life if you are bilingual. These days having the ability to communicate through the medium of Welsh, especially within the private sector, is a must in Wales. Not only will having the ability to communicate through the medium of Welsh make pupils stand out from their peers, it will also provide them with a more extensive variety of career choices, and offer the ability to expand their social, and cultural experiences. Thus it is more important than ever to possess good Welsh skills and have the confidence to use it in every aspect of life.


Key Stage 3

The aim of this course is to raise the linguist standards of pupils in Welsh, whilst providing the opportunity to develop their understanding of the traditions and culture of Wales. During the course pupils study a variety of themes where they are assessed in three main areas: Oracy, Reading and Writing. During their study of these themes pupils have the opportunity to develop a wider range of key skills and apply them to different areas of the curriculum and life.

Year 7

  • Dyma fi / Me
  • Yr Ysgol / SchoolHobiau / Hobbies
  • Bwyd / Food
  • Gwyliau / Holidays

Year 8

  • Amser a Threfn Ddyddiol / Time and Daily routine
  • Yr Ardal / The Area
  • Anifeiliaid anwes / Pets
  • Ffasiwn / Fashion
  • Pobl eraill / Other people

Year 9

  • Rhaglenni Teledu a ffilmiau / T.V and Films
  • Arian a Swyddi / Money and Jobs
  • com /Wales
  • Cyfrifiaduron / Computers
  • Y Tŷ / The House


Key Stage 4: GCSE Welsh Second Language

The aim of this course is to ensure that every pupil has the ability to communicate effectively and purposely in their everyday life both orally and in writing. The department aims to ensure that every pupil is conscious of the use of Welsh in Wales by developing positive attitudes towards the Welsh Language and our Cultural Values.

Assessment Methods

Written Paper – 1 hr 25%

Assessment under supervision – 25%


Three Tasks:

  • Individual presentation
  • Pair / Group conversation
  • Written work deriving from pair / group (individual)

Oral Exam – (10 minutes) 25%

Two Tasks:

  • Oral Exam (pair/ group)
  • Discuss reading material as a stimulus to the oral exam.

Written Paper (1 hr) – 25%


There are two Tiers to the GCSE:

  • A* – D (Higher Tier)
  • C – G (Foundation Tier)

Key Stage 5: AS and A Level

The aim of this course is to develop further pupils’ knowledge and understanding of our country’s Culture and Traditions whilst developing the ability to communication more fluently in Welsh both orally and in writing. We encourage wider reading in conjunction with the in-depth study of literal pieces in order to gain greater appreciation for our country’s heritage.

Assessment Methods.

A/S Level: Year 12


Unit 1 Unit 2 Unit 3
CA1Film and Oracy.

(Oral Exam – ½hr)

CA2Written Coursework

(Internal Assessment)

CA3Grammar and appreciation of poetry.

(Written exam– 2 hr)

20% 15% 15%


A Level: Year 13


Unit 4 Unit 5 Unit 6
CA4Drama and Oracy

(Oral Exam and Synoptic assessment – ½ hr)

CA5Short Story and Purposeful concurrent use of Language

(Written Exam and Synoptic assessment – 1¾hr)

CA6Grammar and appreciation of poetry.

(Written Exam and Synoptic assessment – 1¾ hr)

15% 20% 15%