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“Don’t tell me to reach   for the sky when there   are footprints on the   moon”  – Paul Brandt


The curriculum experience for pupils attending Brecon High School has been developed to be as relevant, interesting and varied as possible. As pupils grow through the school, a wide range of opportunities are offered to them. Collectively, these enable pupils to develop into mature young adults. At the core of the school approach to the school curriculum is the development of pupil skills and the ability for these skills to be applied a range of issues. All Areas of Learning Experience (AOLEs) contribute directly to this provision and are responsible for the monitoring of how well pupils make progress each term.  

Brecon High School Vision Statement – Be The Best You Can Be

Every member of the school community is expected to be the very best they can be. Brecon High School’s key focus is to produce young adults that are confident to partake within society and make a positive difference to those around them. A core guiding principle that underpins this ambition is to encourage and develop personal resilience and responsibility amongst all pupils.

We believe in empowering pupils to take control of their own learning and to take ownership over how they learn as often as possible. By doing this, pupils will learn how to make good choices and also have the ability to thrive in a fast and ever-changing world.

By creating a learning environment that has high expectations of everyone – and by modelling the behaviour and standards that we expect from our pupils – we can provide the stepping-stones that bring dreams closer to reality.

“Don’t tell me to reach for the sky when there are footprints on the moon” – Paul Brandt

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